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In Indiana they have a newscaster American accent but they still trashy as hale and my IHOP waitress ("Mystie", 18, tribal armband tattoo, kanji neck tattoo, braces, blue eyemakeup) just judged the shit out of me for saying "Do y'all have chocolate milk?" Get me outta here! I can practically smell the stench of people who support Michelle Bachmann. There was a like, six-year-old girl at the restaurant making jokes about Mexican people!

A place in Kentucky I would recommend going to would be Dinosaur World, a pseudo-educational....statue park...where you can dig for fossils and walk around giant tacky dinosaur statues. You can barely see the strings on the flying pterodactyls! I'd always wanted to go and finally M Y D R E A M S H A V E C O M E T R U E !

There's a fly in this hotel room. I mean, motel room. Stay klassy. Can't wait to see my famalay in Michigan. Can't wait to get back to the U[c]K.
boobs are so fun I feel bad for people who have none.

today I went topless swimming at a nashville motel.

I recommend you try it sometime.


voyage voyeur

I'm currently reading some 70 year old's journal about going to Prague that my mom found in a Shaker inn in Kentucky. It is filled with cool stamps and sayings, and the first line is "no time to write in this journal that so invites my thoughts" lolololol. This broad is talking shit about her travel companions and whatever drugs they're on. I'm definitely putting it all my sketchbook to use as my own work. Creativity is never revealing your sources/good artists borrow, great artists steal/all that jibber jabber.