Oh gawd not the wolf t-shirt....

The ubiquitous wolf t-shirt. 

I've seen a few hipsters sporting them smugly. 

This needs to stop.

Then 20 minutes ago I was informed by purseblog that Maison Martin Margiela has not only put this wolf on the bag, but true to form, AIRBRUSHED this fine decoration on to what is probably top-quality grain leather. You have got to be kidding me. 

When I think of the wolf shirt, I think of the creepiest of mouth breathers, picking at their bubbling acne, sitting next to me in 7th grade language arts while I'm ridiculously uncomfortable. I was probably trying to rock bow belts. The wolf t-shirt makes me almost nauseous. The image featured by purseblog isn't as classic as I'd like, it was chosen because of how closely it resembled the bag. The one I picture has the wolf sitting on a rock, probably howling at the moon. 

I don't care if they're ironic, I don't care if they suddenly become wondrously cool. They will always scream loser to me. 



I'm a little late on this bandwagon, but when you're in love, you're in love....

The bottom picture is a tattoo I've seen a lot on www.ratemyink.com which is another slight addiction.


We're entering...

...Grey Gardens..."

That's the only thing I can ever hear when my aunt recollects on the past. It's trapping her. Driving her insane. Today she was harping on about how my mom made her a dress when she was like 9 or so, and how it shrank, and how sad it made her. Then she spent another 10 minutes talking about how she was sad when she realized she wasn't going to be a midget. Apparently she had a huge irrational fear of becoming one, so in true family fashion, she researched it. 

I fear becoming this.
I fear it every day.


Got a pencil?

Nothing eloquent can be said of this film, at least by me. It was spectacular. Heath is incredible. Watching this movie stung a bit as his performance kept reminding me of Johnny Depp. Of that caliber. But cut short. I don't know if it was the complete and total immersion into the role, or the purple coat, but I kept thinking of Johnny Depp. It took Heath's death to remind me that he wasn't some prettyboy, he was also a terrific actor. I remember when I realized this, about 3 days after his death, thinking about the exquisite movies he'd been in, like Brokeback Mountain, and the not-so-exquisite, Casanova, and his career just has an all-around Deppian feel about it. 

I guess this isn't much of a review. But anyway, the film is magnificent, I am loving what people have to say about it on IMDb. So far the funniest posts have been people complaining about clapping, cheering, and people who dressed up at the midnight screening! Why even go then if you are going to be such a party pooper. The rowdy teenagers people were complaining about were definitely having a better time than the bitchers. I didn't really have much of a problem, even as a loud teenager, because I wasn't near close to being the most obnoxious in the theater. A group of those typical douchebags (khaki cargo shorts, leather mandals, backwards baseball caps) had clearly come with 30 of their closest friends, and whenever a new one arrived they all clapped and cheered. (Thankfully this was just during the previews.) But that's the fun of opening night, at least for me. It makes me feel warm inside to know that people dressed up, I love and appreciate that sort of thing. 

Also: all the posters look INCREDIBLE. 


Radiohead's Set At Lakewood Amphitheater



Drifting Away

Sparkling wine was sent to me by the devil. How is it that good? Jill already warned me of the killer hangover. But seriously. I could drink the stuff like grape soda. It's fucking delicious. It was made for young girls like me.

I can see two cockroaches on the porch together. One on the column, one on the floor. I wonder what they are discussing.

Tomorrow I'm going to see The Dark Knight at midnight.

I can't tell you how relieved I am that K-Dub isn't leaving the Playboy Mansion.

P.S. Look how FUCKINGAWESOMEASSHIT that poster is. 

P.P.S. I like listening to Santogold in this condish. 


Reminds me of projectile vomit....

Out of the bevy of AP classes I can take for free from the state of Georgia, my mom told me to take boring old on-level biology.

I asked her why and she tells me the online school I am currently registered at teaches good ol' fashioned CREATIONISM. What? 

Turns out I will be receiving my diploma from the great state of Pennsylvania (where the school is accredited and also) where they allow the teaching of that bullshit. 


Basia & Snakes

I am currently enamored by a Canadian sing by the name of Basia Bulat. Cool name, cool sound.

Fireworks are the only good thing about America. I've said it once and I'll say it again. 

I heard yesterday that so many people have released their poisonous cobras that Florida now has a serious cobra problem. Holy shit that is scary. Snakes are the worst. My aunt was almost infuriated at this news. She hates it when people release their ant farms or weird types of fish, and then those non-native animals go taking the place over and fucking with the eco-system. That's why she didn't want to put some fish in her pond she's making, but now it's too dirty for her liking so she said some goldfish might be okay. 



Just exploring the Urban Outfitters clearance and came across this..... how the mighty have fallen. Sad day.

And then I saw this piece of garbage showing the true colors of Urban Outfitters:

They had a nice donkey one as well which I chose to overlook. Anyone who'd wear that is a douchebag. I hate when people wear shit promoting just voting. Not in support of any particular candidate, just voting. What I think is even more ridiculous is when those shirts become a fad ("Vote or Die"....shut the hell up) and celebrities like Paris Hilton start wearing them. I'm glad this shirt is on sale. Like, THANK YOU blankly-expressioned anno, now that you are wearing this  very fashion-forward teeshirt, I will now do my bidding, or voting, if you will.

I didn't even know any Republicans shopped at Urban...except Rick Santorum o' course o' course!

Bike Fall?

Why do they call it "falling off your bike"? Man I wish when you fell you could somehow become detached and 'off' the bike. Being all tangled in it is half the problem.

Yesterday I was just noticing that my scabby knee had cleared up since a big fall that happened around two weeks ago, and then today I went outside to try to do laps for a bit, and 15 minutes in I turned too sharply because my dog was in the way and busted my knee open again! I should really wear a helmet if my cycling proficiency is really declining at this rapid pace. I mean, I hit my chin and the chin is awfully close to the brain.

I hope a little skinned knee doesn't keep me from being feroshe this weekend, it is Pride after all.