Just exploring the Urban Outfitters clearance and came across this..... how the mighty have fallen. Sad day.

And then I saw this piece of garbage showing the true colors of Urban Outfitters:

They had a nice donkey one as well which I chose to overlook. Anyone who'd wear that is a douchebag. I hate when people wear shit promoting just voting. Not in support of any particular candidate, just voting. What I think is even more ridiculous is when those shirts become a fad ("Vote or Die"....shut the hell up) and celebrities like Paris Hilton start wearing them. I'm glad this shirt is on sale. Like, THANK YOU blankly-expressioned anno, now that you are wearing this  very fashion-forward teeshirt, I will now do my bidding, or voting, if you will.

I didn't even know any Republicans shopped at Urban...except Rick Santorum o' course o' course!

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