Oh gawd not the wolf t-shirt....

The ubiquitous wolf t-shirt. 

I've seen a few hipsters sporting them smugly. 

This needs to stop.

Then 20 minutes ago I was informed by purseblog that Maison Martin Margiela has not only put this wolf on the bag, but true to form, AIRBRUSHED this fine decoration on to what is probably top-quality grain leather. You have got to be kidding me. 

When I think of the wolf shirt, I think of the creepiest of mouth breathers, picking at their bubbling acne, sitting next to me in 7th grade language arts while I'm ridiculously uncomfortable. I was probably trying to rock bow belts. The wolf t-shirt makes me almost nauseous. The image featured by purseblog isn't as classic as I'd like, it was chosen because of how closely it resembled the bag. The one I picture has the wolf sitting on a rock, probably howling at the moon. 

I don't care if they're ironic, I don't care if they suddenly become wondrously cool. They will always scream loser to me. 

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