Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change...

I am pretty sure my mother is battling two addictions. Food and shopping. 
Me. Just the shopping.


All I can think about

Is my effing Schwinn Cruiser. 
The whole time I was in Michigan it was like God was throwing the most badass bikes in my face and laughing. My bike needs a replacement. Preferably a cute one.


You know what's really gross?

Sam Adams Cherry Wheat. It "combines Michigan cherries with a generous portion of wheat malt to produce a bright, lively ale with a crisp finish." To be fair, it really does have a great finish. The part that is fucking gross is the cherry part near the middle of every sip. It tastes like what I'd imagine Robotrippin' to taste like, only less gooey. That is to say, a little bit too close to the cough syrup side of town.

I don't think they sell this beer on it's own in a six pack, but it's always in the Summer variety pack. 

I don't know why I selected it tonight. There was one of every brew. 

I guess it sort of appealed to the Boone's Farm drinking teenager that must lurk somewhere in my depths. I've always held the notion that fruity drinks were for wusses and this reiterates my point, I'd say. 

If something is this gross it should be 50 cents a bottle and be 70% alcohol by volume. I mean really.

But it does have a smooth finish.

Oh look you can buy a 6-pack. http://www.bevmo.com/productinfo.asp?area=home&seref=froogle&pf_id=00000010624


Things I dreamt about last night

  • Mourning the (shooting) death of Ol' Dirty Bastard with Tyra Banks
  • Trying on the Prada Fairy glasses (but they were just regular glasses, not sunglasses)


My Rollercoaster

I'm loving all this purple for fall.

The other day (Monday I do believe?) I went to go pick up my bike from it's regular stand during the day. And I guess someone stomped it during the time we were apart. The back tire is completely bent. Dick move, I KNOW. 

But now I can buy a Schwinn Cruiser which I have secretly wanted to for a long time. They are cute beyond words. It's not like I really mountain bike. Jill says a one-speed "builds character". I just love a bike with vintage charm and a fender so I can wear a dress if I so choose. I'm such a girl. 

I am procrastinating with regards to school work. I can't even focus on online school. I am mentally deficient. 

It really bothers me when my aunt reads my art history textbook and props her beer up on it and wrinkles the pages to turn them. It was like over $100. I'd rather have the special edition copy of The Beedle and the Bard.

I need to stop hoarding clothing. Like seriously I should be on Oprah. Everyone has their quirks. 

Saying "I" too much is obnoxious. Not a fan of myself right now.


Lights Out

Lights out
Shoot up the station
TV's dead where's there to run
Watch everybody come undone
Lights out
We'll make it easy
We'll make it fun
Won't let them see now, how they had won
Still I wait another round


Top Ranking is terrific. 

Drinking giant bottles of Bud is for homeless people. Like, at least use a cup. When you swig out of a giant bottle, it looks like your homeless. Horrible flashbacks of sitting on the swings at the park on a nice Saturday morning watching a drunk bum jack off appear. It's nearly traumatizing. In a way. I mean, I know you're 46.5 times cooler than me now that you have some dude friends, don't waste your small clout you have over these people looking fucking homeless. I mean, you have almost total mind control over like 3-4 people. And you spend it touching your lips to the sad fountain of the streets? Why don't you just piss your pants while you're at it? 

Oh and speaking of your pants. It's neat that you can fit in jeans from a regular store now. Nice! Cocaine and 10 minutes of not just sitting on your ass all day really paid off! Too bad you still look a bit like Squidward in flared jeans.
 But good choice with the dark wash, it makes your thighs look less beluga-ish! Someone's been reading the two style pages of Teen People! 

Good thing I have Santogold and headphones otherwise my head might explode.