Lights Out

Lights out
Shoot up the station
TV's dead where's there to run
Watch everybody come undone
Lights out
We'll make it easy
We'll make it fun
Won't let them see now, how they had won
Still I wait another round


Top Ranking is terrific. 

Drinking giant bottles of Bud is for homeless people. Like, at least use a cup. When you swig out of a giant bottle, it looks like your homeless. Horrible flashbacks of sitting on the swings at the park on a nice Saturday morning watching a drunk bum jack off appear. It's nearly traumatizing. In a way. I mean, I know you're 46.5 times cooler than me now that you have some dude friends, don't waste your small clout you have over these people looking fucking homeless. I mean, you have almost total mind control over like 3-4 people. And you spend it touching your lips to the sad fountain of the streets? Why don't you just piss your pants while you're at it? 

Oh and speaking of your pants. It's neat that you can fit in jeans from a regular store now. Nice! Cocaine and 10 minutes of not just sitting on your ass all day really paid off! Too bad you still look a bit like Squidward in flared jeans.
 But good choice with the dark wash, it makes your thighs look less beluga-ish! Someone's been reading the two style pages of Teen People! 

Good thing I have Santogold and headphones otherwise my head might explode. 

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