You know what's really gross?

Sam Adams Cherry Wheat. It "combines Michigan cherries with a generous portion of wheat malt to produce a bright, lively ale with a crisp finish." To be fair, it really does have a great finish. The part that is fucking gross is the cherry part near the middle of every sip. It tastes like what I'd imagine Robotrippin' to taste like, only less gooey. That is to say, a little bit too close to the cough syrup side of town.

I don't think they sell this beer on it's own in a six pack, but it's always in the Summer variety pack. 

I don't know why I selected it tonight. There was one of every brew. 

I guess it sort of appealed to the Boone's Farm drinking teenager that must lurk somewhere in my depths. I've always held the notion that fruity drinks were for wusses and this reiterates my point, I'd say. 

If something is this gross it should be 50 cents a bottle and be 70% alcohol by volume. I mean really.

But it does have a smooth finish.

Oh look you can buy a 6-pack. http://www.bevmo.com/productinfo.asp?area=home&seref=froogle&pf_id=00000010624

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sinatra please said...

my dad drinks robitussin.
he has a wicked cough though..
meh's no excuses, NONE.