My Rollercoaster

I'm loving all this purple for fall.

The other day (Monday I do believe?) I went to go pick up my bike from it's regular stand during the day. And I guess someone stomped it during the time we were apart. The back tire is completely bent. Dick move, I KNOW. 

But now I can buy a Schwinn Cruiser which I have secretly wanted to for a long time. They are cute beyond words. It's not like I really mountain bike. Jill says a one-speed "builds character". I just love a bike with vintage charm and a fender so I can wear a dress if I so choose. I'm such a girl. 

I am procrastinating with regards to school work. I can't even focus on online school. I am mentally deficient. 

It really bothers me when my aunt reads my art history textbook and props her beer up on it and wrinkles the pages to turn them. It was like over $100. I'd rather have the special edition copy of The Beedle and the Bard.

I need to stop hoarding clothing. Like seriously I should be on Oprah. Everyone has their quirks. 

Saying "I" too much is obnoxious. Not a fan of myself right now.

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