Got a pencil?

Nothing eloquent can be said of this film, at least by me. It was spectacular. Heath is incredible. Watching this movie stung a bit as his performance kept reminding me of Johnny Depp. Of that caliber. But cut short. I don't know if it was the complete and total immersion into the role, or the purple coat, but I kept thinking of Johnny Depp. It took Heath's death to remind me that he wasn't some prettyboy, he was also a terrific actor. I remember when I realized this, about 3 days after his death, thinking about the exquisite movies he'd been in, like Brokeback Mountain, and the not-so-exquisite, Casanova, and his career just has an all-around Deppian feel about it. 

I guess this isn't much of a review. But anyway, the film is magnificent, I am loving what people have to say about it on IMDb. So far the funniest posts have been people complaining about clapping, cheering, and people who dressed up at the midnight screening! Why even go then if you are going to be such a party pooper. The rowdy teenagers people were complaining about were definitely having a better time than the bitchers. I didn't really have much of a problem, even as a loud teenager, because I wasn't near close to being the most obnoxious in the theater. A group of those typical douchebags (khaki cargo shorts, leather mandals, backwards baseball caps) had clearly come with 30 of their closest friends, and whenever a new one arrived they all clapped and cheered. (Thankfully this was just during the previews.) But that's the fun of opening night, at least for me. It makes me feel warm inside to know that people dressed up, I love and appreciate that sort of thing. 

Also: all the posters look INCREDIBLE. 

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