Oh, prah. Obesity. Censoring Facebook.

I am watching this episode of Oprah about obesity. It's 34 minutes in and I just now realized I've seen it before. I guess I just watch a ton of stuff about obesity. (Pun intended). There was this one story on the episode (the one that sparked my memory) that really struck me. Some lady who weighed around 400 lbs. and was prone to binge eating, ordered a 3 tier wedding cake, put two fake names on it, and then that's all she ate over a 2 day period. That just seemed like the saddest thing in the world. Especially the symbolism of the wedding cake. Just thinking about how she must've felt, or I guess how I would've felt, just like, hurt my feelings a bit. And then she said once she had lost enough weight to safely exercise, she was walking and some dudes threw a bottle at her. I would just feel so vulnerable. I really don't understand why there is so much emphasis on obesity on television. It's like non-sexual voyeurism almost. Like you're spying. This winter when I was at the beach the weather was horrible and I watched this obesity marathon of sorts on the Discovery Health Channel. I laid in a huge bed, ate fattening foods, and watched that marathon for hours. Like an obese person. It was relaxing. But it was basically seeing these people humiliated. One show made the people get their ass up and look at all the food they ate in one day. It always covered at least the whole dining room table. The reactions were mixed, some cried when they saw all that food, some didn't believe it, one guy sat down and ate all of it. 
On that note,
I have been doing a lot of biking lately. I fixed my bike up last week, and have been riding around at least an hour a day each day ever since. I didn't today, becau
se it's Monday, and I enjoy doing nothing on Monday. So instead the main activities of today were folding clothes and watching some of my Tyra and my Oprah. Since I'm at my aunts, the turf is a historic district one way, which is always cool to bike around, and a nature trail the other way, which is always nice to bike on. 
Yesterday kind of sucked. My uncle was in town for the weekend and I guess he didn't really want to see me because I don't have my life together. He didn't have his life together until like 4 years ago, so I don't know what his problem is. My cousin called me all smug to tell me I didn't need to come over. She was like, "uhm, I saw something on Facebook [my status a couple weeks ago, she doesn't know dick about Facebook] where you said you were happy about Summer, why would you be happy about that, you're not in school or anything..." she was bumbling all her words because she's horrible at being a bitch. Which is worse in a way because it's like a 7th grade flashback or something. But you could tell she had told this to other people like it was some funny anecdote. 
"Why would she care about the seasons?! She's not in school! Hahahaha isn't that hilarious, Boyfriend I Devote All My Time To?!?!" 
"Oh yeah. Let's have sex now." 
That seems like it must be all she does. He probably knows all my business. I hate that. Other Cousin tells her husband pretty much everything. The last time I was at their house they went and took a shower together to discuss me. I could hear them talking about it. 
 I am Facebook friends with one of Other Cousin's best friends, and she must Facebook stalk me or something, because she is ALWAYS asking nosy questions about stuff I post. On Memorial Day I went to Sweetwater Creek with my mom and aunt (mother of Cousins) and put my status as "sunburned from Sweetwater" and I have a private message from this girl that's like, "exactly WHAT were you doing at Sweetwater, and how." 
She thought I meant Sweetwater BREWERY. Which is named after the creek. What an effing lush to assume I was off getting drunk and then apparently bragging about it on Facebook. She's done other things about that in the past. My friend Katharine posted a video where we were talking about one occasion (before I went to rehab for a bevy of things) where I was roaring drunk and puked everywhere. She apparently told Other Cousin and her spouse about it. This is a stupid thing to write about, but it's just been bugging me, stop being effing nosy. This girl (keep in mind) thought a great default picture would be her chugging a huge beer in full cinco de Mayo regalia. She binge drinks. Leave me alone. I thought it was a little Third Reich-y that Facebook started allowing "Friends Lists", where you can filter what certain groups of friends can and cannot see, but I am beginning to think that it'd be a good idea to make one for the 25 and up nosy crowd. It's not my best interests you have at heart if you are concerned about me going to a creek with my family or saying I was happy for summer, it's you being a snug asshole. 

P.S. I love how asshole is apparently in the Apple Dictionary. Hahahaha I just looked it up.

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