The Periodicals of the Rich. And Obama.

I like to dumpster dive in the recycling center. Just to steal old "People" magazines. The recycling center is two houses down, in the garden center. It's weird to climb in the dumpster and look at all these magazines rich people read. They all have beautiful homes, does that have to do with the fact that they all read "Veranda" and "Southern Living". There are the weirdest things in there too. Like shares and the minutes to stockholder's meetings. RICH RICH RICH. Whenever I walk by the huge pink mansion down the street (it has a historical marker and whatnot) I always wonder what those people do all day. I don't know much about them. They have Chinese urns in the window. They hand out full sized candy bars on Halloween. They have a pool house. And a stable of sorts. A large piece of land. I wonder if they recycle. If they've dropped off some of the  issues of The New Yorker or Playboy that I've seen. I always wonder what they do inside their huge pink house. Scrabble? Do they have a home theatre or is that just a Buckhead thing? I wonder what they do in The Archibald Howell Home. I remember that because I read it almost every day when I pass the historical marker. That's one of two houses I can think of on this street with a historical marker. The other one is this farm called Oakton where some generals stayed during the Civil War. The Oakton people must've sold some of their land to developers, because there's a neighborhood in what would be the back of their sprawling yard. That Oakton place looks quite Austenian. I wonder if they recycle. I just can't even picture people living there. 

I guess Obama is now the Democratic nominee. Meh. Hooray history. 

That was all I was gonna write on the matter but then I was looking for a funny Obama picture on Facebook and was shocked that they were all so racist. They really took advantage of the "Barack Hussein O(s)ama" play-on-words. How fucking tasteless. But then I found that picture which I thought was pretty funny. Because to me it symbolizes those who like Obama. The same people jump on the Obama wagon as jump on the Che wagon. People forget Che was a murderer. They forget all the shitty things he did (killed civilians) and just get this Motorcycle Diaries mentality. They turn his life into an adventurous Disney movie and silk-screen away. Same with a lot of the Obama people I know. They listen to what Obama says and forget that he lacks experience and doesn't have a great health care plan. "Ohhh he talks about HOPE all the time!" Yes. Hope is a valuable thing. Just not as valuable as a good speech writer. If Che was ugly as shit he would not be an icon. If a good casting choice for The Motorcycle diaries had been say, Horatio Sanz (trying to keep it Latino) instead of superhot Gael Garcia Bernal, he wouldn't be a tee-shirt. Che was a Marxist, but you never see any Karl Marx tee-shirts. If Obama was bad (or even average) at giving a powerful and compelling speech about nothing, he wouldn't be as popular. I know that would mean he'd be less likely to be a politician. But still. STFU about Obama. But he's still better than McCain, I'll give him that. 

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