Homemade vs. handmade.

The store I work in has a lot of straight up shit touted as "handmade". Handmade. Handblown. It's all supposed to impress you. I would really call it "homemade", because some of it is pure shit.

How come then, hand made is supposed to be good, whereas home made groups stuff into the shitty category? 

I immediately think of Halloween costumes when searching for examples. When I was 6 or 7, ever the innovator, I wanted to be a princess. I know. Lame. But still. We went to the halloween stores and looked at the flammable plastic pink princess costumes and my mom decided they were all too shitty, and there were no purple ones anyway, so she told me she was making one. Now of course my mom is a pretty bomb ass seamstress, she could do couture, so the costume was hot as shit, with beading and sparkle, and made from leftover silk she had lying around, hiding the lining, which was made from a sweatsuit. (Halloween is cold here.) I would classify this costume, with its poufed sleeves and decent material, into the "handcrafted" or "handmade" not "homemade". 

I picture a "homemade" costume to be a bit  more half-assed. A sheet over your head turning you into a ghost, a la Charlie Brown. 

At the store where I work, there is a princess hat that I would group into the half-assed category it belongs in. It's pink polyester, one of those coney looking things. It has a shitty veil that is really not princess quality at all, some pre-made beading you can buy at JoAnn fabrics at the top, and purple marabou trim. Oh yeah, heres the part that makes it shitty looking, in pink glitter puffy paint it says "pink princess". I think it might even be nail polish. Anyway today some cheap lowballing bitch comes in and wants to buy it. My boss says it shoulda been like 60 dollars (because of it's handmade-ness) which is retarded, but then she said the lady could have it for 20, which is way more then you'd pay for it if you just went to Claire's or something, but it was decent enough. The lady looks flabbergasted. She thought that since she was looking for dress up clothes for a two-year old everything should be like 6 dollars, tops. The worst part is she looked like she was too much of a bitch to ever step foot in a Goodwill which was even more annoying (hahaha I kept typing Annyong, AD anyone?) to me, because that's where her prices would fly. Ugh I really feel like it's bitches like her that keep me from wanting to ever have my own store. 

But anyway. That dumb princess hat was not handmade, it was homemade. 

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