Under the shadow of your family tree

So TV On The Radio and I have quite a special relationship. When I was first exposed to their album, "Return to Cookie Mountain" (Jan/Feb of last year) I was druuunkk all the time, every weekend. It seemed like every weekend one of my friends was having their birthday somewhere, and "I Was A Lover" and "Wolf Like Me" were staples at all the festivities. At one of the parties I got so drunk I got up, pulled down my pants, pissed on the floor, zipped my jeans back up (I was all about my one pair of Seven For All Mankind's back then) and promptly passed out again. 

Needless to say I LOVE TV On The Radio and all the emotions and memories it evokes. So I am reading Rolling Stone and it is reviewing singles everyone should get, and one off the new TVotR is up! I quickly search my known music blogs and one has their new album up already (it isn't officially out yet, oops), and I I have listened to it nine times in the past 48 hours, which is a lot for me, because I get bored of music quickly. 

My favorite tracks so far have gotta be:
"Golden Age" - the one recommended by Rolling Stone, quite danceable
"Family Tree" - so good, one of those songs that could feel personal to anyone, might be my fave
"Love Dog" - classic TVotR, from the melancholy lyrics with an amazing backgrounds and ubiquitous 'whooos'
"Halfway Home" - they know their fucking openings

I know I say I like fashion and movies, but music seems easier to explain. And I'm even too lazy to watch highlights of Fashion Week.

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