If this girl can do it then I can do it.

A month? Srsly?!

I have really been lagging behind in my AP Lang class. You have to do all this dumb message board stuff that bores me to death, but it is supposed to be a substitute for classroom interaction which is the only thing I really miss about traditional school.

So today I was reading the posts, the first one is about introducing yourself and what makes you literate etc. etc. and I wanted to see if my response of "I'm literate because my family is" was at all original (it wasn't) and I came across this dumbass:

Author: Johnson, Nekiala
Subject: Hey
Hey,im Nikki.I am from Fayettville,North Carolina,but now im living in Slidell,Louisiana.Im 15 years old and in the 11th grade.Ive been homeschooled for 9 years.I am enrolled in this class because I would like to further my knowledge in English,Language,Literature..etc.Ever since elementary school,english has been one of my favorite subjects.Im a really good reader and I comprehend pretty well.When it comes to writing,im not so well in that area,but im hoping that by taking this class,it will better my writing skills.My speech is okay even though im a little shy when it comes to speaking in front of an audience.Im a real good listener though.I think perhaps that listening is one of my best qualitys in english besides reading.Im hoping I do really well in this class!=)

UHHHHH. You can tell this person has never written a real essay in her life. I think her email address "momof4savedkids@aol.com" speaks for itself.

Being mean motivates me. What can I say?

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