Anon's plastic surgery.

"I would gain an extensive [but not heavily unhealthy] amount of weight, and then have liposuction so that there was a lot of extra skin over my stomach area, and have them fold it upward, then sew the skin so that a pouch was created, much like a kangaroo. I would use this pouch to shop lift." 

lolz 4chan.

I got my bike today. From this listing:

I was trying to figure out if it was a cool Motobecane from France or an American one from a sketchy website. One thing Google has never told me, but I kind of feel like it's an American one, cause they're made Taiwan and one of the white walls has a Taiwan sticker on it. But I like it. It's charming as shit, although I'm contemplating loosing a bit of that handlebar padding. It seems unnecessary.

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