Epic Win

I feel like I just witnessed the "I Have A Dream" speech. 

Barack Obama will change this nation.

I now believe in him.

This is what we need. 

I'm glad Sarah Palin is on her way to sinking back into obscurity. 


I'd like to know what Goodwill she's "donating" all her clothes too. What a rogue. 

I'd also like to know who designed Michelle Obama's dress she wore tonight. I'm thinking Philip Lim?

Almost half my life was spent during the worst presidency in history. I hope this will be the best.

I hope Bristol Palin is paid an exorbitant sum by a tabloid for her baby pics. 

I'm glad being on SNL didn't boost the Republicans.

I'm glad Nanabama's vote counted.

I'm glad he got Pennsylvania and Ohio.

I'm glad the election's over.

I'm glad I live in America.

I'm glad CNN chose tonight to debut hologram people.

I'm glad Obama referenced Abraham Lincoln. 

I'm glad there was a clear winner. 

I'm glad Facebook showed me people's opinions.

I'm glad Barack Obama exists.

I'm glad the Bush administration is (almost) over. 

I'm glad the president is black.

I'm glad Joe Biden grew up on the streets of where The Office is set. 

I'm glad the Obamas are getting a puppy.

I'm glad Sasha and Malia aren't skanks like the Bush twins.

I'm glad Democrats have taken the lead.

Today is a good day.

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