Basia & Snakes

I am currently enamored by a Canadian sing by the name of Basia Bulat. Cool name, cool sound.

Fireworks are the only good thing about America. I've said it once and I'll say it again. 

I heard yesterday that so many people have released their poisonous cobras that Florida now has a serious cobra problem. Holy shit that is scary. Snakes are the worst. My aunt was almost infuriated at this news. She hates it when people release their ant farms or weird types of fish, and then those non-native animals go taking the place over and fucking with the eco-system. That's why she didn't want to put some fish in her pond she's making, but now it's too dirty for her liking so she said some goldfish might be okay. 

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sinatra please said...

canadians are just damn cool.
snakes make me want to lose all feeling in my body.