Bike Fall?

Why do they call it "falling off your bike"? Man I wish when you fell you could somehow become detached and 'off' the bike. Being all tangled in it is half the problem.

Yesterday I was just noticing that my scabby knee had cleared up since a big fall that happened around two weeks ago, and then today I went outside to try to do laps for a bit, and 15 minutes in I turned too sharply because my dog was in the way and busted my knee open again! I should really wear a helmet if my cycling proficiency is really declining at this rapid pace. I mean, I hit my chin and the chin is awfully close to the brain.

I hope a little skinned knee doesn't keep me from being feroshe this weekend, it is Pride after all.

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sinatra please said...

why do they call alot of things what they call other things.
mull over that.
(are you actually literally mulling OVER something)